Written Impressions

OVERVIEW: Written Impressions is a New York-based Copywriting Agency. They are passionate about equal rights for women in the business world and want their brand to reflect that.

OBJECTIVE: Our objective was to attract a modern, feminine, fashion-forward, high-end audience. Our goal was to communicate the brand's values: professionalism, quality, and the modern businesswoman.

VOICE & TONE: Elegant Tomboy, Modern, Sophisticated, & Clean



Before I discovered Luma Liz Studio, my branding felt unfocused and disjointed. I never felt a sense of pride in what my clients were seeing! I started looking for a brand designer, and my hunt ended immediately when I found Emma! Her emphasis on putting purpose and value behind each decision set her apart from anyone else I looked at.

From the start, Emma unpacked things in my business I had never explored or thought about. My business and branding were in better hands with her than they ever were with me, and now I am so proud to have branding that is consistent, clean, and a true representation of my business.

To anyone thinking about working with Luma Liz Studio – do it! You’ll have zero regrets. Go into the project expecting to put in some work, and then enjoy as Emma refines and improves it and turns it into something visually authentic and beautiful.