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It's time to elevate your business, be seen as a go-to expert, and book clients you actually love.

With thoughtful strategy & showstopping branding, we can make that happen for you.


Your business has grown up, and your branding, well… hasn’t.

It's embarrassing sending leads to your website, knowing your branding doesn't reflect the high-end transformation your services provide.

You're ready to level up. You have so many great ideas and goals for your business — Let's take everything that's spinning in your head and create something that will get you where you want to go.


You have amazing things to offer – It's time to click *upgrade* and have branding that makes a BIG impact.


To anyone thinking about working with Luma Liz Studio – do it!

You'll have zero regrets.

Before I discovered Luma Liz Studio, my branding felt unfocused and disjointed. I never felt a sense of pride in what my clients were seeing! I am so proud to finally have branding that is consistent, clean, and a true representation of my business.


Now, I feel like every inquiry is actually looking for something I offer! To anyone thinking about working with Luma Liz Studio – do it! You’ll have zero regrets.


Here's how we can support you.


Brand Identity

You need branding that will make you stand out, attract the right people, and, ultimately, make you more money.

Together, we will unpack your business, look at who you want to serve, and create a visual brand that makes it easy for them to find you.


Website Design

Whether you are embarrassed sending people to your website or you don't have a website at all, we are here to help!

Not only will we create a beautiful custom website but a website that attracts your target audience & turns them into paying clients.

VIP Design Weeks

Do you need a brand/marketing strategy, sales page, marketing materials, or something else? With a VIP Design Week, get the designs you need in a short turnaround time.

Skip the line – let's tackle your to-do list now!


Yes, we're tired of cookie-cutter logos... we're also tired of cookie-cutter packages.

We understand that everyone has different needs, and we want to know what yours are. Let's chat and collaborate in creating a package that works well for your budget, goals, and vision.


How do you know if
we'll be a
good fit? 

You want more than just a logo and are ready to invest in a custom strategy and brand identity that is unique to you.

Your business has grown, and it's time to have a brand identity that will grow and last for years to come.

You are all about a collaborative experience – you know your customer best and are ready to bring your perspective to the project.

Answering your questions


Let's work together!

We can't wait to get to know more about you and your vision! 

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