It's going to take more than a pretty logo to make your business dreams come true.

Sure, a pretty logo, fonts, and colors might make your brand look great and attract people initially. However, this is NOT going to be the thing that makes you successful in the long run.

If you're dreaming of a brand that will get you to that next level, we've got you.

A strategy, brand, & web design studio for the Entrepreneur ready to stand out and grow their business.



It's 100% possible for you to reach your business goals – and we're here to help.

At Luma Liz, strategy is at the center of everything we do, and we believe an effective brand can't exist without it!

Every project begins with unpacking who you are, who you want to serve, and what your dreams & vision are. Even before we put pen to paper.

Now, I feel much more confident and in control of how to improve my branding!

Before working with Emma, I was lost and unsure on how to develop a more cohesive brand. Now, I feel much more confident and in control of how to improve my branding! 


Emma was so supportive of where I was at and clear with her feedback. She went above and beyond for my small business. Thank you so much, Emma!



Emma has a good one.


My brand strategy journey began when I made a huge mistake when I first launched my design business. The transition was quite sudden (thank you, 2020), and I didn't have much time to think through things. I named my business "Emma Hubanks Design," made a color palette, logo, business card, and website in 48 hours, and called it a day. It wasn't until later that I realized my branding wasn't working. I had no idea how to connect with my audience, what to say, or what content to even share. I received the oddest project requests for things that I didn't even do. And worst of all, my website's average viewing time was 30 seconds and I never made a sale. How could I call myself a brand designer if my own branding wasn't even working?

It became clear that this was something I could no longer ignore. I decided to majorly overhaul my brand, which is when brand strategy first came into my life. I became SO confident in who I was, what I was selling, and who I was selling to. In the first week of launching Luma Liz Studio, our website viewing time went from 30 seconds to SEVEN AND A HALF MINUTES, and we sold a signature package to the dreamiest client. I couldn't believe how life-changing a solid strategy could be for a business and decided to share that life change with my clients.  I love designing brands & websites, but what I love even more is seeing people owning their expertise, growing their business, and attracting the people they love to serve the MOST.

How to get the brand of your dreams.


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